Visit the Masonry Resource Company, LLC located in Liberty, MO if you are looking for the best water resistant sealers to complement your architectural masonry units. We carry sealers from the following brands:

Sealers from York Building Products


GEMCOAT water resistant sealers from York Building Products provide excellent protection from water, acids, pollutants, ultraviolet light, alkalis and others while helping the masonry units in retaining their clear gloss finish.


This sealer because of its water-based formulation doesn’t produce any odor which is why it is preferred for schools, hospitals and office buildings.

GEMCOAT Mold-Resistant Coating Additive

This additive when used with GEMCOAT concrete sealers and applied to concrete masonry units, creates an anti-microbial film that will prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold on the coating.

Zycosil – Concrete Waterproofing Sealer

A clear, water-soluble, concentrated, penetrating sealer, Zycosil provides long-term waterproofing for concrete which lasts for 20 years! This concrete waterproofing sealer has been listed as one of the remedies for the crumbling concrete problem that has affected thousands of homes in Maricopa, AZ.

In areas of low relative humidity and rainfall, crumbling concrete problems are quite possible, in particular, in the California, Montana and Wyoming regions, where surface sulfate incrustations on concrete are frequently observed. This same concrete crumbling problem is also crippling several homes in the states of Arizona and Nevada. Homeowners’ associations with support from a certain group of lawyers in these two states are demanding builders to fix the problem with Zycosil sealer.

Time and again, Zycosil has proven itself to be one of the best solutions for addressing the concrete crumbling problems. You can conveniently order and buy Zycosil sealer online from Masonry Resource Company, LLC.

For more information on Zyvosil, download this PDF file here.