Masonry Resource Company is Kansas City’s premier distributor of bricks, concrete blocks, and CMUs from the biggest names in the industry. We’re proud to feature concrete bricks from York Building Products. For decades, York has been one of the largest producers of masonry units (CMUs) throughout the country. York’s architectural bricks can be seen in homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, and more. York Building Products is a leader in architectural concrete masonry manufacturing.


These structural brick units, which give the appearance of kiln-flashed colors are ideal for load-bearing walls. By using York Building Products’ MASTER-BRIK™, there would be no need of CMU back-up walls, which means you save a lot of money and time on your next project. Additionally, as with all CMUs, MASTER-BRIK™ are mold- and fire-resistant, giving your project an extra layer of durability over conventional construction. MASTER-BRIK™ are ideal for commercial and retail projects where budgets and timetables are tight. Available in multiple sizes and colors, Masonry Resource Company can help you find the perfect MASTER-BRIK™ brick application that’s right for you.

Master-Brik sizes available through Masonry Resource Company

Example of a project using Master-Brik, which are available through Masonry Resource Company

Masonry Resource Company, LLC is your supplier of choice in Kansas City when it comes to masonry units. For nearly 30 years, Masonry Resource Company, LLC has been a leading supplier of CMUs, bricks, burnished and ground face blocks, concrete and masonry products, and a resource to professionals throughout Kansas City and the Midwest. We’re proud to supply the highest quality masonry products (CMUs), training, and support in the industry. If you’re ready to learn more about brick options from York Building Products, or have any other questions, please contact us today.