Masonry Resource Company, LLC features concrete bricks of York Building Products brand. For decades, York has been one of the largest producers of masonry units (CMUs) throughout the country. Their architectural bricks can be seen in homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, and more. York Building Products is a leader in architectural concrete masonry manufacturing.

Vintage Series Brick – Smooth Face

Highly durable and color-fast, these smooth face concrete bricks are an attractive alternative to clay brick and are also very cost-effective.

Vintage Series Brick – Split Face

A non-load bearing veneer unit, quite similar to clay brick, these split face concrete bricks come in different color shades that include Arctic White, Auburn, Bermuda Sand, Driftwood and others.


These structural brick units which give the appearance of kiln-flashed colors are ideal for load-bearing walls. By using MASTER-BRIK™, there would be no need of CMU back-up walls which means you save a lot of money and time!